Quality Is Our Mantra.





 Pinch Bottling Company

Shelf life and consistent quality are primary concerns in any soft drink manufacturing activity. While taste is often subjective and emotional, consistent quality is not. 

"Quality Is Our Mantra" and we have been successfully maintaining high quality standards. Itís the consistent quality of Pinch products which has enabled us to grow dynamically. Wherever we do business, the Pinch Bottling Co. adheres not only to local and national laws for food processing and labeling, but also to our own strict standards for exceptional quality. 

Everything we do, from the selection of ingredients to the delivery of our finished products, reflects our commitment to offering you the highest quality products. 

Quality shows itself in our every action; it encompasses everything we do. From processing to packaging to pouring, anything less than 100 percent quality is unacceptable. Our consumers deserve the highest quality beverages. Through our nationally accepted and validated manufacturing processes and Quality Management Systems, we ensure that our manufacturing facilities are equipped to provide the consumer with the highest possible quality beverage each time. 

The complete manufacturing process has a well defined and structured Quality Control and Assurance Programme. All the manufacturing facilities employ qualified, experienced and trained professionals for manufacturing and testing of our products. 

At The Pinch Bottling Co. we are committed to delivering high quality products to our customers and consumers throughout the nation. Each and every time.


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